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Figured I had to make this for everyone unfamiliar with torrents, they're an excellent, fast, and most importantly CLEAN way to download files in huge quantities.

This is just need-to-know info, I'm only skimming the surface, but easily enough to get anyone started, and I like my tutorials short and to the point, with visual aid. I'll cover the site torrentz.eu, and BitLord(1.01), one of many programs to download torrents.

(BitLord 2.0 is also available, I just prefer v1.01 for its simplicity)

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So first off, a .torrent file is just a tiny file, a detailed list of what you'll be downloading. You open it with a torrent program (like BitLord, BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc) and then the download can be paused, stopped, changed in priority, have individual files deselected from it, etc.

Instead of downloading a single song or episode at once, .torrents are ideal for getting an entire season or an album, or a full discography, or an entire show's length.

So here's an example: if you wanted to get all the episodes of Metalocalypse, go to the torrentz.eu search engine...

Don't bother with the 'sponsored links', it's just spam and higher-speed downloads for paying users. Most likely if you're downloading .torrents, you're not that interested in paying.

These various search results will lead to their own individual list of various sites where that specific torrent is being kept, with different people acting as hosts. Hence, download the torrent from as many sites as you can from the list, if you want to speed it up.

When you're downloading, it's built-in to the torrent programs that you'll also be actively uploading what you already have of the files. Someone who already has the complete file, but decides out of the goodness of their heart to keep it active and uploading, is a "Seeder". The rest of us, who only have part of the file or who disactivate it once it's finished, are the "Leechers". These two numbers will usually be somewhere on the page, to represent the health of the torrent.

Somewhere on each site, there will be a "Download Torrent" option, the sites are all different designs so you may have to look around, they're not usually hard to find though.

When the options appears, 'Open With...' or whatever your particular browser does, open the .torrent file with BitLord. You can also just save it and open it later, or on a different computer.

The [Files] menu allows you to get selective with the files, if you don't need them all or you want some of them as soon as possible.

...and it's just that simple! Have fun!

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