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Strange Material

'Chi' Body Energy

Physical Use of
'Chi' Energy

Demonstrated by John
Chang, QiGong Master

Footage mostly from this old film about the Indonesian city Java, and its nearby volcano, Krakatoa.

East Of Krakatoa



The Pharmacratic Inquisition
Research linking the ancient roots of organized religion to Sun-worship, and the shamanic use of natural drugs.

[You might skip halfway across it to get to the most interesting points, this contains a LOT of material]

Mysterious Origins of Man
[NBC - 1996]

1. Rewriting Human History
Bonus Material
(Hancock & Bauval)

2. Forbidden Archeology
Bonus Material
(Cremo & Thompson)

3. Jurassic Art
Bonus Material
(Childress & Milton)

Riddles in Stone:
The Secret Architecture of Washington DC

David Icke

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